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Best podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast


Traveling and visiting new places are really excited, but moving to one place to another can be long and not so wonderful. It would be times where you spend several hours on an airplane, a whole day on a bus or mornings on an airport.

For these long journeys, let yourself a favor and prepare some entertainment, if you don’t want to end crazy. Download some fun apps, spend time writing in your journal, read some books or listen to some podcast.

Podcasts are really easy to get and storage in your devices (cellphone, iPhone, tablet…), you can carry them around and be ready where the boredom call. It is a podcast for everyone of us and every interest you have, but if you want to try some new ones here are my favorite ones:

1. Shane and friends

Shane dawson and friends podcast

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Lately, I´m being obsessed with Shane Dawson and his freedom mouth, I`m watching his YouTube channel, I´m reading his book, and of course I´m listening to his podcast. Shane and friends is a no filter show hosted by Shane and his friend Jessie Buttafuoco, who is as crazy as him.

The podcast is usually one hour long and they interview someone half of it.  But you never know what is going to happen, one-day youtube star Rosana Pansino is singing opera, the next podcast two professionals sex escorts explain how is working inside a sex mansion.

Shane and his friend Jess seem to be the perfect couple for this, they are honest, hilarious and weird. This hour will pass quickly and you will want more on your next trip.

Shane and friends best podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast
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2. Not too Deep

Not to deep podcast with grace helbig for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast

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If you don’t know Grace Helbig at this point, where have you been? Grace is a YouTuber, writer, actress and the owner of Not too Deep podcast.

In every podcast, Grace will interview some celebrity, mainly YouTubers, in the best, funny, silly and entertaining way. It will be like listening two friends chatting next to you, you won’t even realize that it’s an interview. Grace`s laugh is everything and she genuinely seems to enjoy her podcast, making the whole experience even better.

3. The Rebooted Body Podcast

Rebooted body podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast

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This is not a podcast of how to be super skinny and starve yourself. This is a podcast for knowing your body and be happy to be on it. Kevin is the host of Rebooted Body as well as an experienced coach / trainer who gives you a lot of tips about knowing what your body is telling you. He is also the mind behind the program Rebooted Body, an online health and fitness platform.

Usually, after listening to a rebooted podcast, I feel better about myself and motivated to keep going with my healthy life, but knowing that it’s ok to eat a cookie and not feel guilty about it.

Kevin refutes everything you hear about amazing diets and techniques. He brings other experts to the podcast who are as captivating as him, and drives you to really cool discussions. Rebooted Body motivates you to embrace a healthy lifestyle, even when you travel, and he convince me every time!

4. Psychobabble

Psychobabble podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast

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Psychobabble is a condensed, pop-culture podcast host by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl.

The podcast seems not to have a script, blocks or any relations between them, but that’s the best part! Tyler and Cory are best friends, and it’s like being in their living room laughing nonsense with them. One minute you are talking about Zac Efron, the other Tyler calls his mom, the podcast is unexpected! 30 minutes is the perfect time for this craziest psychobabble that will cheer you up for sure!

5. WTF should I do with my life?!

WTF hould I do with my life? podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast

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The host of this podcast is a coach, motivating and psychologist with amazing hip hop references, all in one! Jacob Sokol will steal your attention for an hour without even realized.

WTF should I do with my life?! iIs about confidence, success, and happiness. The podcast gives you real life examples, motivational guest and advices. But above all of that will provide you with a lot of topics to think and rethink.

Bonus: Nadie sabe Nada

Nadie sabe nada podcast

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Si tuviera que elegir un podcast para escuchar el resto de mi vida, seguramente Nadie Sabe Nada estaría entre mis primeras opciones. Andreu Buenafuente y Berto Romero son dos cómicos experimentados que no defraudan. Si te gusta la improvisación en estado puro, el humor y el sarcasmo este es tu lugar.

Andreu y Berto contestan un sinfìn de preguntas hechas por los oyentes, pero además conversan y desvarían como si no hubiera nadie escuchando. La hora que dura este podcast es una de las mejores de mi día, esté donde esté siempre acabo sonriendo como si estuviera loca, pero los locos siempre tienen algo de razón!

Best podcast for traveling | Travel Blog| #podcast

What are your favorite podcasts for traveling? Do you have more recommendations? What do you do on long trips? 

I would love to hear what you think!