About Me

Hi, my name is Olga and I’m from Barcelona, one of the best cities in the world. I’m a journalist, photographer, traveler, dancer, hiker, volunteer, dreamer, swimmer and a believer of a better world. Do you want to know more about me? Keep reading then!

photostrict-about-meWhy I started a blog?

As you noticed I love being involved with non-profit projects that help kids and education, my dream is doing that and be able to live in other countries.

After my two years volunteering in Peru and a long trip through South America, I realize that I don’t remember half of the things from the places that I visited. (Stupid brain!).

When I started to live in Nicaragua in 2014, I experienced all these awesome experience again. I realized that I had to be better than my brain, and put all these memories together for me
and, hopefully, for all the people that are also dreamers.

Goals?  Help at least one person or inspire another one. Because if you want to travel you can, if you want to volunteer you can and if you want to travel and help others, YES YOU CAN. Don’t forget: Dreams and reality can be the same thing!

Reality is wrong, dreams are for real – 2Pac

What is Sumak Kawsay?

I heard that expression in Bolivia for the first time, and I immediately felt a curiosity about the meaning of Sumak Kawsay. I fell in love when I discover the full essence of it!

In ancient Quechua, Sumak Kawsay means “good living”, but is much deeper than this. For indigenous cultures is a way of living in harmony within communities, ourselves, and most importantly, nature. It is the way to preserve their unique culture and identity, but also respect the other ones.

The concept has been incorporated into Ecuadorian and Bolivian governments as a way of granting rights to nature – and ultimately, to ourselves.


Places I´ve visit so far: UK / Scotland / Berlin / Netherlands / Italy / Vatican City / Andorra / South of France / Austria / Brussels / Catalonia / Spain /Lisbon / Perú / Bolivia / North of Argentina / Chile / Uruguay / Nicaragua / North of Costa Rica / Miami / Houston / Mexico / Guatemala / Haití / Cuba / Bogotá / El Salvador
(and more to come!)

Places where I lived:
Brighton (UK) / San Vicente de Cañete (Perú) / León (Nicaragua) / Cuernavaca (México)

My non-profit organizations:                      Contact me: